How to find valuable domain names

What is a valuable domain name

A valuable domain name is not a term you can easily grasp or etiquette a domain name with. To understand where and why the value lies in one particular domain name you need to do a lot of research. In the nutshell the research of one domain name value can be divided in two large play fields. First one is of pure statistical nature, where you should find how many potential visitors you can expect on that particular domain name, how many search terms are involved and connected with domain name and ultimately make a prognosis of domain name reachabilty. The second field is of more private nature, domain name called has nothing much to offer in statistic terms than for example however we all know that value is of no comparison to The brand ability of a domain name and subsequently building a product or company brand on a domain name you purchase is of more private nature because there are no statistics that can prove you right or wrong with your chosen name. Some domainers say that brand should be catchy word phrase and as short as possible which I agree.


As I have mentioned, the most important part in the domain name value assertion is the research. Although research in terms of statistical analysis and gathering of information of keyword impact is not that important if you are trying to build a brand, the research should also be conducted on a readability, phrase catching and other issues with the name you want to make a brand or a company name from. However if you are hunting for a domain name you want to re-sell or develop as a keyword based blog or news site for example, statistical analysis is of an utmost importance. We have already covered some of the most used tools for assessing the domain name worth or maybe just a ballpark where domain name belongs in our previous articles. Goes without saying that you should approach research with caution and not rely on just one statistic or one source of the same. You can however do that if domain name you are after is not expensive thus lowering your time invested in this domain name research.


Nowadays there is no return of the investment in domain name if you are going to leave the domain name standing parked or just empty. This has worked wonders in the past but since the whole internet environment has changed considerably you should not even think of leaving the domain name undeveloped for any length of time. When search engine robots find an empty or poor content page like parking page are, they are automatically put below any considerable margin in the results no matter the keyword they are carrying in their name. For any serious investment in domain name be sure that you have a plan to develop the web site on the domain name.

Other types of returning the investment

We already have concluded that parking and monetizing on domain name that way is not the right way to go for any domain name you wish to have your investment returned. However there are other means of monetizing you can use to have your investment and surplus. Most common one is to re-sell the domain name for a profit however this also include more research into the market and potential buyers. Other method would be leasing the domain name for a fee – this method is getting stronger by the day and also does involve some research prior and post domain name investment.