Domainers think they are above everything

We at Vastus Domains are re-sellers, we are buying opportunity non trademark infringing domain names and offering those to end buyers for a profit. We have a strong belief in the business ethics and have all our customers covered with answers ranging from beginner’s “whats the difference between domain name registrar and hosting” to more advanced ones. Since we are a small company with four employees we are flexible and can adjust to market needs as we go. Although owning few hundred domain names in our portfolio we are not considering ourselves domainers. And here is why.

What is a domainer

In the modern slang a domainer is a person or a company who has large portfolio of domain names offered for a sale or future development. This broad description can be tagged to just every large quantity domain name holder out there. What in nutshell differentiates a domainer is that he or she has his domain names on sale either stealthy by pretending that the domain name in question is valuable to him thus driving the price up or directly advertising the sale on numerous auction sites and domain name forums. Domainer seldom talks about the domain portfolio he holds and tries to be as close to a single domain owner as he possibly can in order to make a sale. Domainer also holds often ridiculous price tag on his domain names without any real value to the domain name itself in hope to meet the buyer who will unsuspectingly purchase for that price tag. It is not uncommon that domainer holds onto a domain name for years even decades without making that killer sale, in the meantime paying renewal fees and possible making a mini site on the name in order to boost interest. While he or she does hold onto his very valuable and “has-to-have” domain name, domainer is an active member of domainer community posting various domain name industry related and unrelated facts and fiction all around the web – all in the sense of self and his domain names sale promotion.

How is a domainer different than a re-seller

Both domainers and domain name re-sellers are having the same business model. Buying off domain names of interest and selling them for a profit. This is where all similarities stop. Domainers are not honest about their business model, they act as if they have the domain name they are selling is in their ownership for decades left over to them by a rich uncle. They never do link their domain name portfolio or are able to present it because this would hurt their attempt to sell that one particular domain name to a potential buyer. And of course the price tag of such a domain name is thousand, ten thousand or even hundred thousand dollars. Aside from a few dozen domain names which are really worth that much there are no such pumped virtual property for which you should shell out hundred thousand dollars. The problem with internet and computers in general is that too many people are not educated enough and are uninformed so the market for such high pumped virtual real estate exist in the first place. For comparison, re-sellers are holding prices with a many times smaller profit margin than domainers  added to  natural costs involving domain name maintenance and the initial acquisition. This is where domainers are starting calling names and discussion is heating up in the domainers community because domainers think their domain names are worth every penny they are asking and that re-sellers are bottom feeders selling garbage names to general populace. In practice domain name re-sellers are honest about their business model, have a direct payment methods, hold a good BBB rating and have a customer support.

Elitist attitude

Domainers are frequent on all of the popular domaining industry forums usually bragging about ethics and business practice. In reality all they are doing is sitting on their over priced domain names and waiting for a victim to sell to. When you end up in a discussion with a domainer you will see a clear attitude problem backed up with numerous fellow domainers jumping in the same thread like hyenas to rip you and your point apart in every possible way. No matter the topic domainers are there like an elitist family above everything in domaining industry, they feel a need to have the final word on everything domain names relating and are giving advice to beginners left and right. The above everything attitude is clear and common denominator on each and every domainers forum out there.