Domain Name Transfer

When you purchase domain name at Vastus Domains we have two choices for transferring the ownership to you. First choice is domain push within the same registrar. We use GoDaddy registrar exclusively and seeing that GoDaddy has the largest market share of domain names registered this would be our preferred choice of action. And second choice would be transfer away from GoDaddy registrar to customer registrar of choice. We at Vastus Domains seldom do that and advise our customers against the practice.

Here is why. ICANN is the governing body behind all things domains, names, trademarks, patents and of course registrars. Registrar is an entity which holds information about domain name owner and it holds information about domain name server. This means that registrar is a lot alike number of a house and street designation including owner name on the front door while domain name itself is the land on which property is. Now, one of the ICANN rules is that no registrar is allowed to transfer or receive transfer of domain name under 60 days of previous transfer. Since we buy our domain names ourselves most of them are quite fresh when being sold to our customers and they are definitely under 60 days old. This in end effect means that we have no means to transfer domain name to third party registrar when purchased.

Now, the customer can do the transfer himself, there is no need to hold domain with us once purchased. Everyone can open a GoDaddy account and then the domain name ownership transfer is done in minutes to that account. Once this is done, customer can choose to stay with GoDaddy or transfer it elsewhere when the 60 days has passed. Customer is rightful owner of domain name.

The problem arises when there is no mutual trust between selling party and buying party. We at Vastus Domains are doing our best to ensure trust from our customers thus we are also accepting escrow services by world recognized portal for half the fee they are charging. We are also partnering with for domain name ownership transfers.

You are welcome to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns: