The best domain registrar

Domain name registrar is the most important partner you are going to choose once you start having more than dozen domain names. Depending on the domain name registrar is whether your business going to be pleasure or pain. There are also other important aspects when you are choosing the registrar for your domains. While some of the domain name registrars out there are pure garbage and others are worth to consider, join us and find out why.

First let me put the things in perspective and give you some background around the subject. Domain names are like web signs, they are names of world wide web entities and they can be leased from the main body called the registry. The lease us usually one year but can be up to 10 years long. In the time of dot com bubble inflation the .com and .net registry decided to give opportunity to other companies to hold their own domains in the registry database. This is what in technical terms is called thick registry. This means that registry only holds information about name servers and points to individual registrar holding all other information about the domain name.

That said there are many competing registrars for .com and .net domain names on the internet. So how would you go and choose the right one? Let us follow a simple logic, would you go and buy your product or service at some small unknown shop being in business for mere months or few years or would you go to a large store or service provider being there for decades? Sure you can go cheap and even cheaper by going to some small Mom&Pop shop but you can also expect problems and bigger problems when that shop goes dark. If you are any serious in your domain name business or ventures you are doing with your domain names you need to be serious about choosing the right registrar as well.

We at Vastus Domains are using GoDaddy registrar extensively. This is the next best choice when you cannot use Verisign which is the .com and .net registry company. GoDaddy holds more than 60% of registered .com and .net domains and that makes is the biggest registrar for .com and .net domains. There are some small nitpicks about GoDaddy though, their interface is slow and sometimes does time out on slower connections, there has been reports about domain names stolen from GoDaddy accounts (mostly due to poor password choices by the registrants) however they were returned to their rightful owner after intervention. Nitpicks aside we have never had any problem with domain names registered with GoDaddy or the efficiency and speed of domain name transfers and push. We have never had the need to call customer support even. Other good thing about GoDaddy is that you can always get a better deal by using coupons you can find on the internet, during your purchase you can save from 10-35% using coupons and this quickly adds up if you are holding more than dozen domain names.

Second choice would be While it is not on the market forever it does hold its market share steady and has been a real pleasure working with this registrar, their interface is very nice and intuitive, their prices are somewhat greater than that of GoDaddy but still quite affordable and most of all, the transfers and push are performed in timely manner and efficient. Also the renewal and emails Moniker sends to their customers are much less advertised and on the target in comparison with GoDaddy when GoDaddy wants to sell you anything up from their affiliates. In any case choosing Moniker is second best choice for domain name registrar.

Third choice would be Enom lost most of their appeal to us when they started sending unbiased and rude emails about domains in our portfolio, trying to play a role of internet police. Since we at Vastus Domains are domain name resellers our domain portfolio is full of different names, some of them similar to trademark domain names (and no, we do not register trademark domain names ever) and we also have had arguments with previous owners wanting their previous domain name free of charge just because the domain name did belong to them and they say so. Enom often complies with this requests making you as domain name owner and registrant a monkey in the process – not a good way to conduct a business. However if you are not a domain name reseller and your portfolio is clear of any disputable names Enom is a good third choice.