Domain Name Push

We have had few inquiries at Vastus Domains about domain name push lately. Normally all of our domains we put on sale are registered with GoDaddy registrar. Since GoDaddy is amongst largest if not the largest registrar in the world (have by far the most accounts registered for .com and .net domain names) there is nothing to lose if our customer stays with GoDaddy.

This is where confusion starts. To clear the things up, once a buyer payment has been confirmed we ask the buyer about their GoDaddy account number and email used for registration. This might look suspicious if you get this kind of a request from a third party, but since you are doing business with us, make sure you get the request from our registered email address ( We will also have interface to enter this data securely on the site shortly.

The purpose of this inquiry is to enable us to push the domain name to your account. Once done complete ownership of a domain name is transferred to you and you can manage your newly bought domain name at GoDaddy and you can also change the registrar to your liking when 60 days ICANN rule pass.

Now, for the technical side of things, once GoDaddy or any other registrar receives a push request their software just changes account in which respectful domain name is being held and adjust the WHOIS information accordingly. This process is automated and there are no additional costs involved thus registrars are providing this service free of charge. Basically there is no difference in the ownership change between transferring the domain name or pushing it to the buyer account. Except for transfers can take a very long time and much hassle.

There is also one important bit of difference between transfer and push of a domain name. It is the speed by which we process requests. With domain name push we seldom take more than few hours to change ownership to buyers name once payment has cleared. With push it can take days and sometimes even weeks. Additionally if you are using our partner services at it can take few days to process the deal too. This is due to their requirement of escrow payments, holdout period and the fact they do not work weekends (we at Vastus Domains do work weekends).

To recapitulate, the most hassle free and easiest way for a domain name ownership purchase with us is to go with credit card payment and push to your GoDaddy account. If you do not have a GoDaddy account you can open one free of charge.

However if you wish to have more security in the domain name purchase we recommend using our partner services. They are in the domain name business for more than 10 years and we have a very good seller record with them with no complaints from our customers. To choose on the buy screen please select PayPal as payment method. Do not worry you can pay with your credit card too even if you choose PayPal at checkout.