Is domain parking dead?

Domain parking started taking its roots in the time of the dotcom boom late 1990’s and early 2000. The idea behind domain name parking is simple. While you are holding a domain name for further development or you are waiting on an offer for sale, you can put your domain name to use and have it display affiliate advertising related to domain name.

In the beginning of the internet era this idea has worked quite well, people were typing domain names in browser bar (type-in traffic) and landed on the page with information and links about the topic. Then Google came (and other search engine providers), providing more useful information about the topic sorted by relevance and other criteria. This however haven’t diminished parking page availability and therefore profits because search engine providers have listed parked pages as well. In fact, pages listed in search engine results were up in profits due to their better exposure (search engine traffic).

It did not take a long time for search engines to have their own affiliate programs displayed alongside with the normal natural results. When that happened, the parking page shown in the results became competition and search engines adjusted their algorithms to punish parked page results (make them show late in the results or not at all).

Parking page providers have not sat idle on their hands either. To fight the search engine new algorithm they introduced some kind of a contextual information to the parked page in form of an image, various related links and even meta tags like keywords and description. This has helped a bit until search engine providers adjusted their algorithm again. The parking pages war began.

Now, a decade later there are as many as 30% of parked pages in the gross sum of available pages on the internet. On that number of similar and related pages you cannot really expect making profit if you park a dozen or two domains in your portfolio. If you are in this segment your domains are gaining cents (if that) per day and you are wondering is domain parking dead? Not really, but it is a harder business model than it was before when internet was still young.

This is were we at Vastus Domains jump in. We are offering aftermarket domain names which have already had a content and build some traffic the natural way. They are expired domains. Once domain has expired it is not deleted from search engine results right away. It can take weeks and even months for search engine providers to de-list or ignore once contextual domain name and now parked page one. In this time, you can still earn a profit and return your investment in domain name purchase.

Of course you can always buy an expired domain name for your own use to develop it further. Even better with bargain prices like we at Vastus Domains have your initial investment in domain name will be a great deal.