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This is our third installment of domain names specially picked for presentation by our domainer expert. All the domain names in this list are registered with GoDaddy and have more than 9 months of regisration fee included. Transfer t your own GoDaddy account is free of charge. – price US $97

– an excellent offer for a great value domain name. Did you know that IPV4 address pool (the real internet addresses of all the resources on the internet) has been depleted and that successor IPV6 is not going to be in the large consuption for at least another 5 years? On this low priced domain name you can set up informational site or blog even affiliate selling remaining IPV4 addresses. – price US $1,000

– the land of the raising Sun – targeted domain name excellent for tourist and cultural information about Japan. It could be set up as news site or forum as well. We are seeing inflow of visitors from Asia and Japan in particular on the domain name landing page. – price US $200

affordable domain name for use with car rental site. It can be used for car rental information or even car rental forum for various information or price comparison between different rental companies. – price US $97

– good value domain name suitable for use for localized search engine or affiliate site originating for a local market segment. Also quite suitable for branding product name or company name. Visitor stats are good even on undeveloped landing page at the site current parking page. – price US $97

– this domain name is very suitable for developing a magazine related site of any arbitrary topic. It is also brandable and can be used as company domain name site too. Bargain price for a great value. – price US $97

– another excellent value domain name for use in your marketing efforts. Targeted for Houston area has an excellent potential. We are seeing good inflow of US visitors on this site parked page. – price US $110

– a very good brand name for hotel or recreation center. There is also a brand in some countries with this name so review site of the brand could also be developed on this domain name. We are seeing excellent inflow of visitors from western countries on this domain name parking page. – price US $107

good domain name for setting up a magazine or blog site of all things mobile – pods, pads, smart phones and others. We are seeing great number of western visitors to this site so site promotion is halfway there already. – price US $97

good opportunity to develop this domain name in various information collective site for anything related web development. Domain name is seeing very good number of daily visitors already and is a real gem for that price.

We at Vastus Domains are the owner of all the domain names listed here. We are not aware of any trademark issues of the domain names listed in this offer. We would be happy to answer any further questions or receive feedback from you. You are welcome to contact us at For further domains available for sale at Vastus Domains please check our homepage.