Domain Name Marketing 2

In today’s age there is no business you can start and be unique or to have no competition. Domain name resale is no different. In fact, domain name resale, expired domains resale in particular is full of competitors. So what does a company like Vastus Domains can do to be different and more competitive?

Firstly we need to define where are our customers coming from. Most of the companies in the business are either having a good promotional web site with many visitors or are doing as we do – email marketing. So our customers are generally coming from the email sales pitch we are sending out. Now, to differentiate ourselves from boring sale pitches and spam-like intrusive ones we have defined a more personal approach where we address the issue at hand (backordering the domain name) and the real minimum price we are accepting so nothing has been written in small letters. Finally we are also giving an easy way to just opt-out from the future mailing conforming to CAN-SPAM act.

In the several months of its existence Vastus Domains have had very few complaints from our customers and we are addressing all the issues first hand and in timely manner.

To conclude, domain name marketing can be fun and easy at the same time. One just needs to define objectives, have much patience and address the issues as soon as possible. We are also hoping to achieve the same level of customer support as the big players and have our attention turned on the web site based marketing as well.

Update: 2011-03-15

We will never contact you again if you do not wish so. A simple reply to an offer quoting everything would suffice to remove you from our list – forever.