Domain Market Trends

This week at DN Journal, domain name market trends are showing stability into the second quarter of the year. With great sales as’s for US $85,000 and’s sale of US $25,000 lead the market in the second quarter.

Important news are that there is also a good movement in the middle and low segments. We at Vastus Domains have had a best month thus far selling 30 domain names considered lower market segment. We however do tend to aftermarket domain names for end buyers with a possibility to develop instead of the big names already established.

Another interesting news is that .net is also growing strong into the second quarter of the year. Also sold by and made in top 20 at US $19,000 and US $15,500 respectfully.

The mutual feel of the domain name market from all the big players is that economy of the industry is in the up-spring and that we can expect even better results before the summer pause. Whether this trend is going to continue later in the year’s 3rd and 4th quarter remains to be seen.