Domain Name Market Trends

According to DN Journal the year 2011 is showing a good trend of growth in the domain name market. With Sedo having completed a half of million dollar sale just lately and ending the year 2010 with top sale to date of for US $13 million it has streightened his position in the domain name transfer market in which it already had a strong lead. The sale is even eligible to be put in the Guiness World of Records.

However in the other news we are seeing many excellent transfer agents like the one who made the actual sale is leaving the company. Whether his reasons are personal or professional this is a huge blow to the company. Vastus Domains have had many sales through platform up until they just raised their minimum commission where such partnership was no longer fruitful for both sides.

This does not mean that domain name market is becoming less lucrative. According to the DN Journal we are going to see even more traction in 2011 and the year 2010 has already hit some highs in the industry.

Update: 2011-03-15

After we have resolved the issues with commission we are back in business with platform.