Domain Name – Keyword + Adjective

Whether you are buying a fresh non registered domain name or you are hunting for a domain name on an auction sometimes you have a keyword and adjective in a domain name and there are both available. If you do not have funds to secure both domain names you would like to know which combination does work better for your purpose. If you have found out that one variant costs tenfold or more than the other variant there is a reason for that. In practice there are some usual adjectives used in domain names and there is whole segment of domain names with geo location keyword.

Usual adjectives

An usual adjective is for example adjective “online” combined with a keyword you are after. If you put the adjective online before the keyword you would propose that business you are promoting is actually setup to make online aka internet based job like for example would propose to the visitor that you are offering insurances for the online market. While the other way around like for example would denote to the visitor that you are offering insurance of some kind and that you are doing your business online. In the case of insurance keyword the both combinations are valid however there is ambiguation present because there are in face insurances which offer protection from something customer is doing online so the final verdict should be the keyword you are using. Some domainers argue that keyword you are basing your domain name on has to come first no matter what and I agree for the most keywords this is the most viable option.

Geo keywords

With geo keyword the rule of the thumb is to put the geo keyword first in the domain name and any adjective or long tail behind it. This is because you want for domain name to be recognized by the geo keyword first, it is finally your target market segment. While there are viable examples of mixing geo location as last part of the name (for example the usual practice is to use geo location keyword first.


As always, before you venture into purchasing domain name you should do your research. For keyword mixing with adjectives you should use Adwords Keyword Search with an exact match for the combination you are after. If the results show a clear winner by the number of searches you should use the one except in case of a geo keyword. Of course if you find out that geo keyword put before adjective does not work at all (no searches for the combination) you should opt for a second variant. If however results show that neither of the two have searches then you should make your keyword first in the domain name because this is the usual practice. However having no searches just means that your market is not suitable for AdSense based monetizing which does not mean that your combination is not viable at all. Aside from the most popular Google AdSense there are numerous other ways you can monetize on your domain name investment.