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Domain name appraisal is a method of calculating net worth of domain name with or without the content. There are many factors which can make one domain name valuable. First, the name itself, if it is short and on the target (one word) it has larger value than the long tail name. Secondly if it ends in .com it is more valuable than the one ending in .net or .org. It all boils down to the actual business or leisure you want to use the domain name for. If it is business purpose and the name is an exact match to your company name or your featured product or product line it is more valuable to you than it is to general public.

Domain name appraisals usually just guess the domain name worth for general public. There are public automated services and manual ordered services doing the appraisal. I would not recommend anything coming from email marketing (there are many scams doing just that) or coming from unknown or unreliable sources on the internet. The best appraisal is the one that you can make yourself. Here are nice simple ways you can do a good appraisal for yourself;

  1. Does the domain name ends in .com? Add 10 points
  2. Does the domain name ends in .net? Add 8 points
  3. Does the domain name ends in .org or .info? Add 5 points
  4. Does the domain name denotes your business, product or product line? Add 15 points
  5. Does the domain name have dictionary words in itself, or does the domain name have less than 6 characters in itself? Add 10 points
  6. Are the other TLD extensions taken? Add 2 points for each taken .net, .org, .com or .info (note that you would need to manually check the sites, if they lead to parked page add only 1 point)
  7. Do a search on domain name in Google (use no spaces just whole name glued together). Add 1 point for more than thousand results, 2 points for more than 10 thousand and 5 points if more than 100 thousand results
  8. Does the domain name already sport a website with content? Add 10 points
  9. Is there a hyphenated domain name or shortened domain name already taken? Add 1 point each if it is and 2 points if it is and has a content – not parked page (shortened domain name would be for example from, hyphenated name would be
  10. Finally use your gut feeling, how much you think the domain name is worth? Add anywhere from 1 to 5 points

Let us see how much we can get for

  1. .com = 10 points
  2. nothing
  3. nothing
  4. yes it denotes a business = 15 points
  5. domains is a dictionary word = 10 points
  6. nothing
  7. nothing
  8. yes it does = 10 points
  9. nothing
  10. I would say = 3 points

Using this method one can easily point out good from bad names one owns or is trying to purchase. And do not worry using the method depicted above will just have you see a rough ballpark of your favorite domain name worth. You would receive nothing better from free or cheap appraisal services.

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