DNXpert doing dis-service to domainers?

We have already covered the basics about what compromises a good domain name and what should you look into when you choose your potential purchase. Recently DNXpert has been blogging about domain names which are on the soon to be expired auction list at GoDaddy. There is a forum thread at NamePros which heated up a discussion that this is basically doing a dis-service to the domain names in question because it is driving the prices up on domain names which are hardly worth the registration fee.

There are two sides of the coin here. First of, neither NamePros nor DNXpert have ability to drive sales on GoDaddy. GoDaddy is multi-million (billion?) registrar who promote their services including auction listings every hour of every day. There is no comparison in traffic what GoDaddy can drive and what forums and blogs can. This is their business model and none the less the right thing to do in business sense. The consensus from DNXpert comments is that domainers (like us) are not in some exclusive club where you have to go through initiation to be able to get domain names for affordable price.

The domain name market is vast, there are literary millions of domains listed on soon to be expired auctions every week. And competition is good, domain names need competition to get up from the dirt and wise up to be lucrative industry for both domainers and end users. Domain name itself is your portal to the world, your brand, trademark even your digital name. It is the first impression of your digital presence. The work you invest in developing your digital presence does begin with domain name.

There is nothing wrong in listing domain names which are offered for sale. There is also nothing wrong in providing some useful pagerank data for them. However, the dark side of the coin is that people often do not think before they act. It is not good to act on a purchase based on one statistics (in this case pagerank) alone. Before you do, make sure that you do more extensive research on the domain name you have discovered. Do not get drawn in bidding war over domain just because it is PR7. Remember that soon to be expired domain name you purchase will not stay PR7 long if you do not invest time and effort to maintain its content. You might get away with short term parking solution but this will not be a longterm money cow for sure.

DNXpert is doing nothing wrong or unethical, the fact is that they are providing useful service where you can find potential good domain name at affordable price. Yes the domain name is in the spotlight and you would need to pay more than a registration fee but on the other hand you could have not found it in the first place if there were no DNXpert listing. The price alone is not the reason to buy domain name at least not if you are going to develop it. If you are reseller or domainer, you should know better where and how to find potential domain name for resale anyways.