How to choose a good registrar

We have been discussing about domain names and how to monetize your investment. There is one common thing you are faced with once you purchase your domain name, this is the choose of a domain name registrar. Domain registrar is an entity which holds registration of domain names and where you can manage point of entry for your domain name. We at Vastus Domains are using services of GoDaddy domain registrar exclusively.

Here are some known and some of the less known facts about the GoDaddy registrar. GoDaddy is the largest .COM and .NET registrar in the world, its founder Bob Parsons started the company with no real intention of being a domain registrar but with excellent customer support, down to the earth relationship with their customers they have slowly but steadily acquired customers from the greatest and largest registrars at the time. GoDaddy has excellent renewal rates and new domain registration prices. From time to time they hold sale-out providing discount codes for their customers and having prices in range of few bucks a year really helps if you happen to own dozen or more domain names.

In the business of reselling expired domain names like we at Vastus Domains are, the registrar is a very important cornerstone. Many of our competitors are either using in-house registrar or shady third party ones. Shadiness of one registrar is best recognized by the interface where you can manage your domain names, provide transfer codes or push capabilities. From the bunch, shady registrars are often holding hostage your domain names not allowing the transfer to the third party or they are as slow as it gets to make you renew domain name with them. This is very bad for business we domainers are participating in. Most of the players in our niche stay away from such shady registrars if possible.

The important fact about GoDaddy is their accessibility, once you choose to transfer domain away from GoDaddy they provide transfer code right away. This fact shows that there are no shady business practices with GoDaddy because it is the most common stumbling rock in the registrar business – transfers. Registrar in house push (meaning changing domain name owner within same registrar) is also easy and trouble free, usually done in minutes. Auto-renew of your domain names is going to alert you a month before your domain name expires and make automatic renewal on your behalf right on time.

If you have a large portfolio of domain names you will get your own exec to talk to directly in case of a problem. This is a nice perk not seen otherwise in competing registrars. Domain names registered with GoDaddy also have an automatic lock where changes to the registrar data is forbidden outside GoDaddy interface. If you happen to forget your login data or you have it somehow stolen from you all you need is to call customer support to stop any pending transfers or push and return your domain names back where they belong.

To conclude, we at Vastus Domains are recommending GoDaddy to all our customers due to its renewal rates and excellent business practices. Please stay away from one page interface registrars with bad reputation no matter what price they offer.