Buying .HR ccTLD

It was a long day today and I’ll share with you the speed of a trick, let’s call it so, I’ve learned over the years. Concerns to be the domain registration and activation of the same. I’m not sure whether the activation of expression of the best but I think the process that includes the purchase of a domain, set the domain server (bravo CarNET: D) or nameserver, and the activation domain in the DNS. And all in 15 minutes.

It is known elsewhere in the world of web lag or delay in apdejtanja domain DNS record.Say, is usually required for a domain that is available through your browser and up to 48 hours. In my opinion, the domain of the tool, a medium only if you are already taking the time to set some of its online site, just buying a domain, it would be nice to be able to complete the registration process and the activation domain carried out in one piece.This article focuses on publicly available domains, type. Com,. Net, etc, do not say the HR domains, because, to put it mildly, that nothing can be done in 15 minutes.

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Before we proceed, I assume you already know to set up DNS record and Apache virtual hosts needed for the activation domain or you have a WHM / cPanel available, so I will not deal specifically with this topic. Also this does not quite good for a domain that already exist in the registry, and they want to change the nameserver. Works, but not in 15 minutes, but in an hour or two. The purpose of this procedure is to put a new shiny just bought and registered the domain “in operation” as soon as possible:)

So, in just a few steps and minutes: How to register and activate your domain for 15 minutes?

The first step is to create a domain on your own web hosting package. Means, or add it through the interface for addon domains, or add it through WHM manager, or do all manually if you comfortable in Linux and Apache-in. Of course it would be good if you have previously check the availability of desired domain name to register. 🙂 WHM / cPanel will reloadati apache service and BIND service, and that’s it for now.
The procedure is this simple: Put the domain name you chose to buy for your project and set the nameserver.
Then go to your favorite domain registry (I am doing and I recommend everyone, if nothing else advertising their law:)). There have completed part of the job search and order domains.
During the domain registration procedure (for GoDaddy is definitely 101% for the other registers will be assumed to have similar registration wizzard) somewhere you will enable the option to specify the nameserver for the domain purchased. When it is the step where you specify the length of the lease. Immediately below you is whether you want to set the name servers.
When you find that option, simply enter the value you have with your hosting, it also means you have entered for example in cPanel WHM manager or manager.
Finishing domain registration and pay.
In principle, this is it. For some 5-15 minutes will be available via the domain browser.The trick is actually very corny but it works like Urica;)
If you do not happen, you’re not sure whether something is left out or that your registry is slower than Godaddy register. But, basically, for those who have a domain on it is always, and there is no reason not to work for other records provided to the domain registration before you can set the nameserver values.