Buying the right domain name

In this day and age it is simply not possible to imagine doing business without the use of the internet. That said, internet presence begins with the right domain name. The problem is larger because there are no more easy and brand-able good names available to purchase because most of them are already taken.

Here is where you can use services like Vastus Domains. We specialize in the backorder of the expiring domain names. Expiring domain names are the names which are returned back to pool after previous owner has not prolonged the lease. This is a huge market with roughly 50 thousand domain names being released back to the available pool every day.

In this forest of domain names it is not easy to find your way and snatch a good deal. To be able to help you, we at Vastus Domains are making sure that we hand pick quality domain names for you. We have a team of people working daily on the expiring domain list, sorting them by various criteria, and then we send out offers to interested parties.

Let me give you few insider tricks how we asses that a domain name is a quality name:

1. By its brand ability

– trademark and company names are eliminated at start (there is no use we have for them and nor should anyone, plus legally this is a theft)

– rule of the thumb, the shorter the name the better its brand ability (of course there are exceptions, like is not really as brand able as

– finally, see how pronouncable the domain name is

2. By its popularity

– split the domain name to words, find how are the words popular in search engines and also find out about whole word phrase popularity

– asses the surroundings, meaning see how the competitors fare on this or similar word or word phrase

– finally, see the other TLD and ccTLD (top level domain and country-code top level domain respectively)

After we find the popular or brand able domain name we find people who are probably interested in purchasing this domain name and send them offers for backorder. For domain name transfer we use, or our internal payment processor whichever is the choice of our prospective buyer.

The system looks plain and simple right? However, there are not many companies in this business and can you guess why? Yes, the whole process has to be thorough, involves lot of work and man hours and it is quite stressful. The important thing for us at Vastus Domains is that we enjoy the work we do and there is nothing more fulfilling than a satisfied customer of ours.

Note: work hours are 9AM-6PM and they do not work weekends and Monday they do not do customer support. If you purchase domain name with us via our partner transfer can take up to 4 days if it falls on a weekend.