Quality Domain Names on Sale

In this second installment we present another batch of quality domain names from our portfolio. You can check our complete portfolio for additional offerings. Domain names in this list are all registered with GoDaddy registrar and have more than 10 months of registration fee included in the end price. If you choose to buy a domain name from us we are charging you only once and you have your domain in your GoDaddy account in a matter of hours. Subsequent renewals are then handled with GoDaddy registrar itself.

dkrewe.com – price US $97

– there is a popular music group located in south America which has the same name. Highly suitable for having a fan site or forum discussion about the group. We are seeing good inflow of visitors from south America on the site parking page.

dragonsunlimited.com – price US $150

– an excellent domain name for RPG based adventure talk or even selling Dungeon and Dragons items as real collectibles. Most of the visitors to this site come from the Asia continent although there is a good inflow of visitors from western countries as well.

dublinwriters.com – price US $60

– this domain name is of a great value for local blog about Dublin, Ireland. With St.Patrick day taking over the globe we can see a very good potential in developing this domain name. Also suitable for branding.

e-shoppingzone.com – price US $97

– highly suitable for setting up a e-commerce site. Has numerous hits on its parking page from products ranging the women accessories to racing cars. This domain name is also very brandable.

elfuneral.com – price US $97

– another brand name you can use for funeral home business or you can set up funeral home reviews on the site and have affiliate links. We can also see potential in localizing this domain name for various funeral homes across the states.

first-deal.com – price US $97

an excellent deal for a first deal, this domain name can be used for newbie tips and tricks for anything relating first steps in any kind of business. There is a great inflow of visitors from western countries on this domain name parking page.

gamesviet.com – price US $97

– this site has been very popular on its parking page from visitors mostly originating at Asia. No wonder because “viet” is common shorthand for Vietnam and games are ever popular. Excellent opportunity for a game review site development.

honest-shop.com – price US $500

– another domain name suitable for developing an e-commerce site. The name itself is highly brand able and from the inflow of visitors we are seeing on its parking page, the interest is very high. Origins of visitors range all over the world with western countries leading.

imaffiliate.com – price US $500

– very good domain name for setting an affiliate portal of sorts. Also suitable for various information exchange in form of a forum or a news site regarding affiliate marketing. The inflow of visitors is good on this domain name parking page.

Vastus Domains are the owner of the domain names listed in this offer. There are no trademark issues on any of the domain names listed here. For any further questions about the domain names in this offer please feel free to contact us at sales@vastusdomains.com