How to Start Your First Website

These days, a business or professional of any kind that doesn’t have a website stands an excellent chance of losing out to competitors. People no longer look to traditional advertising for information on what to read, where to shop, or which products to buy. They look to their social networks for suggestions or they simply […]

How to start a website


How to Identify a Good Domain Name

The importance of a really great business or product name has been a concern for serious business people for centuries and with good reason. However, when you do business on the internet, your website’s name can literally make or break how well you do. In fact, your domain name is the internet equivalent of a […]

Creating a Mobile App for Your Site

The days when everyone accessed the internet via a standard desktop system or even a laptop are long over with. Now people do most of their browsing and web surfing on the go via a tablet or a SmartPhone instead. That said, people’s standards are changing as far as what makes a good website. Websites […]


Trademark Domain Name

How to avoid trademark infringement

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during the process of building your brand new business website is your choice of domain name and it’s not hard to see why. A great name generates additional interest in what you and your company have to offer by being relevant, clever, and snappy. It’s also the […]

Are Numeric Domains a Good Idea?

If you’ve found yourself wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to purchase a numeric domain name, then you’re far from alone. You’ve no doubt heard a little bit of the buzz about numeric domain names. You’ve heard they’re in high demand. You’ve heard they’re hot. If you’re in the business of […]

com distribution

DomainFest 2014

A Closer Look at DomainFest 2014

When it comes to the web business, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of networking. Of course, anyone can network and make promising new professional contacts online, but there’s simply no substitute for being able to do it in person. Today’s major expos and domain-related networking events provide an excellent way to do exactly that. […]

Got delisted by Google? Let us help

It’s not hard to see why people are so concerned with how Google views their website. Google is currently responsible for sending more than 90% of the internet’s web traffic. For that reason, high rankings in relevant Google search results, high Google page ranks, and an overall reputation for excellence in the eyes of the […]

Google Evil?

New Domain Name Extensions

Significance of the New Extensions (gTLD)

The new, proposed ICANN domain name extensions (gTLD) are designed to provide Web-based entrepreneurs with access to premier domain names. These types of generic, top-level domain names are far more costly than typical domain names (because of their exclusivity and cachet) and they may be accessed only through a formalized application process. In other words, […]