The U.S.’s Recent Surrender of Internet Control

If you’ve ever wondered who exactly controls the internet, then the chances are excellent that this past March found you wondering what the United States’ surrender of said control was really all about. The United States National Telecommunications and Information Administration made an official announcement in regards to its intentions […]

Internet Control

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A Closer Look at Domain Name Investing

Here in the 21st century, domain name investing is the modern equivalent of real estate investment. Knowing how to spot a smart investment and understanding how to make it even more valuable to a potential buyer can easily add up to big bucks and a booming business with the potential […]

Domain Name Investment: Is It Good Business or Shady Dealing?

So it’s happened to a lot of us. We have a great idea for a new website that we’re sure is going to be the next big thing. We’ve even got the URL all picked out. However, when we head to our domain name registrar to secure the domain of […]

Domain Name Investing

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Cheap Web Hosting Vs. Semi-Dedicated Servers 1

When it comes to building a website, there are numerous decisions you’ll need to make as far as what’s best for your needs once your site outgrows the usefulness of its standard web hosting service. One of the most important of these will be the type of server you decide […]

Will Chrome Remove URLs from Browser Address Bars?

Google’s Canary channel for the Chrome browser offers users the chance to experiment with brand-new features. Recently (as of April 2014), the team at Canary Chrome took away an old standard, by removing the URL information which is typically located within the browser bar. While this isn’t a failsafe indicator […]

Google Chrome

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Almost two thirds of Internet traffic are created by bots

Bots have taken over the World Web. These bots come in different forms – some are spam-bots, others are malicious bots and some are “legitimate” bots. However, in terms of sheer numbers, you may be shocked to learn that these bots generate a staggering two-thirds of all Web traffic. This […]

Discover the Benefits of New gTLD Extensions

gTLDs are generic, top-level domains and it’s possible to purchase new gTLD extensions these days. An example of an “old school” domain extension is “.com”. With the advent of new gTLD extensions, it’s possible for entrepreneurs to move beyond “dot coms” by customizing domain extensions according to their specific needs. […]

New gTLDs

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GoDaddy Will Close its Affiliate Program – Why?

It’s safe to say that many online entrepreneurs were dismayed when they learned that industry powerhouse, GoDaddy, planned to shut down its affiliate program. Most existing affiliates found out about the change via emails from the popular, all-American domain hosting company. When existing affiliates were made aware of the change, […]